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            25-28 February 2019

            Connecting More. Securing All.

            To really take advantage of the digital revolution, connectivity and security are critical.

            At Gemalto, reliable connectivity and digital security have been part of our DNA for more than two decades. We work with customers around the world to deliver seamless connectivity across all cellular networks, and strong digital identities for both people and connected objects.

            Come discuss your vision of the connected world with us at at MWC Barcelona.

            To experience our demos and speak with our experts, visit us in hall 2, booth 2J41 and learn more about:

            • Trusted Digital Identities, simplifying customer on-boarding to security-sensitive digital services

            •  Future-Proof Cellular Connectivity, getting customers connected today and prepared for the coming 5G revolution

            • Connectivity Remote Subscription Management, providing flexible eSIM-based subscription activation and updates - already trusted by more than 150 leading consumer and enterprise companies

            • IoT Device Lifecycle Management, providing efficient, remote connectivity and security management for the long life of large fleets of devices

            • End-to-End Security, ensuring trusted data exchange from edge devices up to the cloud

            • Advanced Analytics delivering real time business insight based on a powerful AI engine

            Meet with us at MWC Barcelona!

            Come and meet the experts from Gemalto.
            Hall2 – Stand N° 2J41

            Request a meeting



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