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          1. IoT Connectivity

            ????Enable out-of-the box connectivity, Flexibiliy for diverse device form factors, manage lifecycle of subscriptions, Ensuring quality of service

            A reliable connectivity subscription management framework for your IoT applications

            Ubiquitous connectivity has fuelled the growth of mobile technologies, and is now paving the way for the Internet of Things. Various technologies and trends are emerging in the connectivity ecosystem, to support a variety of consumer to industrial applications. With some connectivity technologies maturing and new emerging, the likes of LoRa, ZigBee, or BTLE will be catering to different applications. But cellular connectivity like LTE is expected to remain a mainstream in the foreseeable future, especially with 5G? and NB-IoT around the corner.


            Explore how Gemalto can help you build a reliable connectivity framework for your IoT applications:

            Enabling Out-of-the-B?ox Connectivity

            Consumer preferences are changing, and they need a convenient way to connect their smartwatches or connected vehicles right at the shop or car showroom. Using Gemalto's eSIM and On-Demand Connectivity (ODC) solutions, service providers can enable connectivity out-of-the-box. ODC offers complete lifecycle management of subscriptions for industrial and consumer IoT devices.

            Flexibility for d??evice form factors

            Industrial devices and consumer electronic devices come in many shapes and sizes, from ECU (engine control unit) in a car to smart apparel. While eSIMs offer OEMs the ability to achieve their miniaturization goals without compromising functionality, industrial IoT communications have different needs, such as SIM ruggedness and longevity. Gemalto offers a range of Cinterion? modules & terminals and MIMs, to ensure reliable connectivity even in the most ruggedized environments.

            Ensuring Quality of S?ervice

            While network infrastructures like base stations are addressable by MNO support engineers, the growing amount of geographically dispersed connected objects are more difficult to address. IoT connectivity services offering remote preventive maintenance and device management are thus key to ensure optimized connectivity performance and IoT Quality of Service. The Gemalto Cinterion Module Services enable service providers to monitor their smart objects in real-time. Detected hardware or connectivity issues can be addressed Over The Air, both preempting service failure and eliminating costly maintenance service trips. Gemalto also offers data plans monitoring to optimize connectivity subscriptions and significantly reduce the final bill.

            Managing connectivity subscription

            Once a service provider or OEM has deployed a device in the field, or a consumer is already using a consumer electronic device, it is difficult to switch subscriptions from one network to the other because it's difficult to either take the device physically to the customer care centre, or to replace the SIM card for a device in the field. Gemalto's On-Demand Connectivity solution addresses these issues, working in conjunction with an eSIM, eUICC or MIM, without the need of physical replacement or displacement of the connected object.???


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