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            Internet of Things

            ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The Internet of Things is a network of smart objects and cloud infrastructure; exchanging data and then transforming it into actionable intelligence. This convergence of IT (information technology) and OT (operations technology), draws its strengths from both worlds such as use of sensor technology to gather insights from the field, and using data analytic capabilities in the cloud.??

            Working with enterprises, industrial OEM, consumer OEM, mobile network operators and cloud service providers, Gemalto has a holistic view on the different building blocks like software, hardware and data are gelling together to build robust IoT ecosystems. In order to realize the benefits of IoT, such as increasing customer intimacy, improving operational excellence and generating new revenue streams through business model innovation; there are three critical components for the ecosystem to thrive: reliable connectivity, reliable security and an agile monetization framework. ??

            Connect. Secure. Monetize. TM?

            Connect: Gemalto addresses miniaturization needs for OEMs, enables out-of-the-box connectivity for IoT devices, and delivers solutions to manage the network's quality of service.
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            Secure: Discover IoT security as an enabler for a robust IoT ecosystem. Gemalto helps customers secure the device, secure the cloud, and manage lifecycle of security for the entire life span of devices.
            More on IoT Security

            Monetize: Gemalto helps customers to enable innovative business models through embedded licensing, and quicker time-to-market with an application enablement platform.
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            Our Solutions?


            Optimize your business using Gemalto broad portfolio offer of M2M / IoT modules, solutions, services and software platforms that allow enterprises and people to Connect, Secure and Monetize our connected world.
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            TRACK & TRACE
            Tracking and tracing
            Consu?mer Electronics

            Add innovative and secure features and services that differentiate your products - from payments and authentication to enterprise services and connectivity.
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            Tablets and PC


            Get Inspired

            • Secure, sustainable smart cities and the IoT

              In 2018, Smart cities aren’t just a dream of the future. Thanks to wildly innovative?Internet of Things (IoT)?solutions, many are already active and expanding rapidly.

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            Commercial Drone

            Cyber security for the commercial drone industry

            Drone manufacturers and drone operators need to protect their assets and services, whereas public authorities need to ensure citizen safety and law enforcement. The commercial drone ecosystem needs trust at every stage, from drone manufacturing and deployment through to flights and post operations.

            See how Gemalto can address those needs and bring trust to the commercial drone ecosystem


            • Cinterion 4G Modem Cards

              Global LTE Cat 1, Cat 3 and Cat 6 Connectivity for Industrial Solutions

              Cinterion 4G Modem Cards
            • Delivering IoT connectivity in an evolving network landscape

              This report was developed with the collective insight of IoT industry leaders at Gemalto and respected members of the IoT community in Europe and the US.

              Download the report

            ?? See all documents? ?


            • WEBINAR recording - IoT Security: the Key Ingredients for Success (March 13, 2019)

            • What will be the role of commercial drones in the future?

            • What is the future for the commercial drone industry?


            • Posted on Jun 14, 2019

              Three ways the IoT can help limit the environmental effects of human activities

              We look at the ways in which the IoT can be used to limit the environmental effects of human activities.

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