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          1. Consulting Services

            ?????????Gemalto doesn't just provide payment products and services to financial institutions, it also makes its Consulting experts available to you to support every aspect of your migration to the latest technologies - from planning to execution - to speed up your time to market.

            Consulting services
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            EMV Migration

            We specify your EMV environment, drive your migration plan and work with you to apply it to your market.

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            Mobile Payments

            We leverage both our banking and telecom expertise for NFC or in-app mobile payment projects based on SE, TEE and HCE? technologies

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            Contact & Contacless Payments

            Contactless is really taking off, so work with us and we’ll enable you to stay at the cutting edge and take advantage of the latest chip specifications.

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            Industrial Consulting

            We define your complete personalization strategy, optimizing security, and ensuring process and cost efficiency.

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            Interested by a Gemalto Training course?

            • Mastering SIM & USIM cards

              Everything you need to know about UICC Cards, Technologies, Security & Services

              Training agenda